Become a Therapist at ADWAS!

ADWAS is Hiring!
(transcript below the video)

[Transcript: Black background and Jimel, a black male with dreadlocks wearing a black shirt, is sitting in the center of the screen.

He signs: “Hello, ADWAS has a position available for a therapist! ADWAS is an agency dedicated to ending violence for DDBDDHH. We work with DV/SA survivors through a trauma-informed lens.

Morgan, a white female with short brunette hair wearing a navy shirt, is standing in the center of the screen.

She signs: “Trauma-informed: what’s that? Trauma impacts people in many ways like behavior, thought processes, and beliefs. It may look like a mental illness when it’s really from surviving through trauma. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t give diagnoses because we want to focus on the person and their experiences, not the diagnoses. We recognize that everybody is different so we encourage different kind of therapy approaches- holistic, art therapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), etc. Therapy is also free here so we have opportunities to work with a diverse caseload.”

Megan, a lightskinned Latinx female with brunette hair wearing a light blue jean, is standing in the center of the screen.

She signs: “ADWAS is very supportive of our professional growth- we get to go to conferences and workshops about multiculturalism, social justice, activism, and clinical skills. Here, we are not just therapists- we are part of a movement.”

ADWAS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Survivors of interpersonal violence, persons of color, and LGBTQ-identified persons are encouraged to apply. Come join an awesome team!”

Who?: If you have more questions about our agency, this position, etc., please contact ADWAS at!

Screen changes black and in white font says Contact us at below that (206) 922-7088 (Voice/VP) and below that says

The screen changes to a white background with a blue hand logo going across the screen from left side to the middle with an open hand with green and yellowish letters that say ADWAS. Below the hand says “Abused Deaf Women’s” and below that it says “Advocacy Services” in greenish yellow colors.)