Pathway to Healing: Pavers

Pave yourself into ADWAS History

  • a wide shot view of the brick pavers with the entrance of ADWAS.


In 2020, we started our Pathway to Healing Pavers Campaign: a place for our community to come together and (literally!) create a Pathway to Healing for Survivors and their families.

We are now accepting new orders for Round 2! Become part of our history and have an engraved brick at Roosevelt Way NE + NE 88th Street. Honor family, friends, loved ones, pets, a business, or share an inspirational quote. Deadline to purchase is Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

Paver Options

A display of the different options. Option 1, $125, 4 x 8, up to 2 lines. Option 2, $175, 4 x 8, up to 3 lines. Option 3,  $225, 8 x 8, up to 5 lines. For all options, up to 16 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.

Get a Paver

  • USE THE COMMENT BOX to write the message for the paver. Separate each line using ” / “
    • Example: Ginger/2003-2017/Never Forgotten
    • Up to 16 characters per line, including spaces & characters
  • No graphics
  • Please do not use the following characters: $ % ^ ( ) _ { } | [ ] \ < >
  • Deadline to purchase is April 30th, 2022
  • Any remaining funds will be designated as an unsolicited donation and go towards our General Operating costs.