New Office Hours

Physical Office Hours

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

9am – 3pm

(Closed 12-1pm)
Front Desk Phone (206-922-7088)

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm

(Closed 12-1pm)
Contact Staff Directly (VP/Email)

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm

(Closed 12-1pm)
National Deaf Hotline (855-812-1001)

24 hours a day

7 days a week

ADWAS office hours have temporarily changed due to COVID-19.

We are available to connect with you via VP or emails, you are not required to come to the office to receive services. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, including cough, fever, breathing issues, we ask that you not come to the office. We want to minimize risk for you and for all others who come to the office.

ADWAS staff are being extra diligent about wiping down surfaces and cleaning public and shared spaces. We have hand sanitizer placed in these spaces and encourage you to use as you enter and leave our space.

We will keep you posted if things change, and please contact us with any questions or concerns you have.