Supportive Housing is designed to support domestic violence/sexual assault survivors obtain and maintain safe, stable, and temporary housing.  Our advocates will work with the families to determine long-term housing arrangements, financial empowerment, maintaining housing stability, legal resources, community resources and provide services with our children’s program.

ADWAS’ A Place of Our Own supportive housing program features 19 individual units of supportive housing for low-income families who are homeless. All units are subsidized by project-based Section 8 through the Seattle Housing Authority. Qualified applicants will meet an income limit of 30% median income plus other SHA requirements. In addition, all units are part of the Washington State Housing Finance Commission Tax Credit program.

The Neighborhood

We are located in the lovely, residential Maple Leaf neighborhood on the I-5 corridor north of the University District.


  • 1-bedroom Unit
  • 2-bedroom Unit


Applications are accepted via Advocates. Please contact your Advocate to apply. For questions, we are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

VP/Phone: 206-922-7088

Housing Pictures

ID: Top photo shows the “Apartment Unit Kitchen and Living Room.” The kitchen is in an upside down U-shape with the living room to the right.There are tan wood cabinets with medium brown counter tops. The fridge, oven, and microwave are white. There are a few kitchen appliances and cookbooks on the counters. The living room has a dining table with chairs. There is a TV in the corner, a comfy chair, and a couch looking towards the TV. To the right of the couch is a large window with blinds. The next photo is the “Children’s Bedroom.” There is a singe bed on the left with pink and green bedding and a teddy bear on the bed. It is underneath the bedroom window. On the right side there is a bunk bed. The top bunk has purple sheets. The bottom bunk has striped orange, green, and blue bedding with purple sheets. The next photo is the “Mother’s Room.” There is a dresser on the left, a nightstand in the middle of the wall, and a single bed on the right with purple sheets and a striped blue, green, orange pillow. There are 2 windows. One above the nightstand and the other on the cornering wall above the bed. Next there is a photo of the bathroom. On the left wall there is a white sink with a brown counter top. In the back wall there is a white tub with a shower curtain. On the right wall there is a towel hanger with blue and white towels hanging. The last photo is of “The Commons: a gathering place for residents (includes laundry room and computer room).” On the right there is an upside down U shaped kitchen that is similar to the first photo. Then on the far right wall there is a love-seat couch. On the back wall there are 2 windows with white blinds. Underneath the windows are two small coffee tables with two chairs each. The floor is medium brown with a square pattern.