Our advocates are here to assist people who are survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence and who need help.  Our services are free of charge and available to people who are Deaf, DeafBlind or hard of hearing and are residents of King, Pierce or Snohomish County.

Advocates can:

  • Offer information and options
  • Help you decide your safety plan
  • Help you deal with people involved in your situation such as:
    • lawyers
    • hospitals
    • CPS
    • counselors and housing systems
  • Help you learn about survivors’ rights,
  • The rights of Deaf people to have interpreters and fair access to all systems
  • Connect you with an ADWAS therapist
  • Provide legal advocacy

ADWAS will help survivors whether the police are involved or not, no matter if they want to leave the abuser or not, no matter what. ADWAS will work with survivors as long as they want, until they feel 100% safe.

ADWAS’ goal is to communicate to Deaf and DeafBlind survivors and their children that they can take control of their lives.  Survivors have choices, and the information and assistance they need for empowerment and survival is available to them.