Week 2
Planting Seeds of Growth

Day 8: What was the name of the national training project ADWAS pioneered in 1998?

Day 9: Which cities were the first 5 that received the Justice for Deaf Victims National Training in 1998?

Day 10: What are the names of the Deaf DV/SV agencies who received the 1998 training?

Day 11: How many cities total did ADWAS train from 1999-2000?

Day 12: How many days was the Justice for Deaf Victims National Training?

Day 13: How many more cities did ADWAS train in 2009-2010?

Day 14: How many Deaf DV/SV agencies are currently available in the US?

Week 3
Building our Nest

Day 15: What is the name of ADWAS supportive housing?

Day 16: When was the groundbreaking ceremony for “A Place of Our Own” supportive housing?

Day 17: Did ADWAS meet its capital campaign goal of raising $8.6?

Day 18: When was the Open House for “A Place of Our Own”?