Support ADWAS by eating Ice Cream!

ADWAS is thrilled to announce that you can support us by eating ice cream for the month of March!

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream is celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring 4 women in our community and donating proceeds to an organization of their choosing. One of the women is Marilyn Smith, our Founder! Her chosen flavor is VEGAN GINGERSNAP! 10% of the proceeds from this flavor will be donated to ADWAS.

To find a Molly Moon’s location near you, visit:

[Video Description: Filming inside and outside of a Molly Moon’s Ice Cream location. The colors are pastel, bright, and welcoming. One young woman has tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, wearing a puffy jacket. The other woman is a middle aged white female with shoulder length wavy hair.

Transcript: Hi! I’m here at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. Hey! We are thrilled about this special announcement. Did you know that March is Women’s History Month? Molly Moon’s Ice Cream has decided to honor different women, One of the women they chose is Marilyn Smith! Molly Moon’s will donate to an organization that the women pick. They asked Marilyn Smith which organization to pick and she chose ADWAS! So for the month of March, you can buy ice cream from Molly Moon’s and if you pick the flavor that Marilyn Smith chose,10% of that flavor’s money will be donated to ADWAS! The ice cream flavor is…Vegan Gingersnap! That is the flavor to buy if you want to support ADWAS! So come to Molly Moon’s and support ADWAS through…ICE CREAM!]