Thank you for your interest in ADWAS Deaf Summer Camp 2024. My name is Nancy. I am a Children’s Advocate and the Camp Director for our Deaf Challenge Camp this year. With limited options for Deaf kids to have a camp experience with other kids that sign, this camp gives Deaf kids from all over the Pacific Northwest a chance to come together, to be in a ASL signing environment and have fun in the summer!

Our summer camp is stationed here at ADWAS: 8623 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115, but this year we are doing something super exciting; we will be going on a field trip to Seattle Academy of Circus Arts (SANCA) for 3 full days! We want to really challenge your kids to do something they may not have tried before, not only try it once but have enough time to actually get better at it as well.

Every day parents drop off their child and sign them in. Camp starts at 9:00 AM. and it ends a 5:00pm. We will provide 2 snacks and lunch, transportation to and from field trips every day and it’s all free!

We will be challenging the campers to walk on a tight wire, do flips on fabric ropes, try tricks on a trampoline, ride a unicycle and fly through the air, just to name a few! On days we are not on all day field trips they will get a chance to work together to solve challenging puzzles and do team building exercises. Deaf Adults will make guest visits so the campers can learn how others are challenging themselves in their hobbies, free time and their work

Our camp is staffed by volunteers that are Deaf, CODA or hearing but fluent in ASL. We do background checks on all camp counselors, and they are all trained by ADWAS. All counselors have background experience with kids and camp. Interpreters will be at SANCA every day.

Please complete the online registration and sign all waivers and permission slips provided. Happy to answer any questions.

Nancy Edney, Camp Director