The National Deaf Domestic Violence Hotline (NDDVH) is available to Deaf callers across the nation. ADWAS partners with National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH), whose headquarters are located in Austin Texas, to provide this valuable service for Deaf callers nationwide.

Deaf NDDVH advocates at ADWAS answer videophone calls and emails 24/7. If using a voice phone, you will be connected to an interpreter for duration of the phone call.

Deaf advocates, because of their experience working in the field of Domestic Violence for Deaf survivors and their extensive training, are uniquely able to provide crisis intervention, education, information and referrals for Deaf callers.

ADWAS can listen, provide information and referrals, do Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault education and brainstorm with callers different ways to keep safe and do formal safety planning.

ADWAS also can work with Deaf and hearing friends and family member of Deaf survivors.

ADWAS provides support, education and technical assistance for hearing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault programs and shelters to improve their accessibility for Deaf survivors who need their services.

Deaf advocates additionally provide outreach within the Deaf community to spread awareness of this special program and information about how and when to reach us.

Here are links to ADWAS Hotline flyers that you can print and distribute in your community:

Hotline Service Brochure

Domestic / Sexual Violence in the LGBTQ Community

Domestic / Sexual Violence in Communities of Color / Native Americans

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